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96% suffer significant IT security incident

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More than 96 percent of organisations experienced a significant IT security incident in the past year.

96% suffer significant IT security incident
96% suffer significant IT security incident

Forescout has published a report entitled: The state of IT cyber defence maturity' on the growing need for cyber defence in organisations. The survey revealed that ‘more than 96 percent of organisations experienced a significant IT security incident in the past year,' and yet despite this “only 33 percent have confidence that their organisations would improve those security measures.” The survey respondents included 1600 IT information security decision makes in organisations across five industries in the US and Europe. The most problematic attacks were due to ‘phishing, compliance policy violations, unsanctioned device and application use, and unauthorised data access.”

Scott Gordon, chief marketing officer at Forescout says that “the findings provide a useful snapshot of the state of exposures, controls and investment across global regions and industries,” and “the independent research clearly validates the need for continuous monitoring, intelligence and mitigation capabilities.”

The report reveals that ‘network complexity, exposure diversity and threat velocity' are making security operations far more difficult than they were a couple of years ago. Prevention, diagnosis, identification and remediation, over-monitoring and documentation has become increasingly challenging. Given the growth in the number and complexity of attacks,  it may even be a surprise that only 40 percent report security management tasks at their organisation to be more challenging that two years ago. The report identifies ‘areas [in IT security] ripe for enhancement' in establishments across the world.  


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