A race for supremacy in information security

Some may say that the lack of a recognised entry qualification for the information security industry is a good thing, for while professionalising ensures a baseline of competence, it can also be a barrier to talent from unexpected quarters.

SC Magazine UK editor-in-chief Tony Morbin
SC Magazine UK editor-in-chief Tony Morbin

Yet qualifications do provide evidence that would-be employees have achieved a certain level of knowledge and understanding. The question is: Which qualifications carry the most weight? And the answer depends on what you want to do with them.

True technical depth of understanding is valued and necessary, but there is also a particular shortage of experienced hands operating at board level, articulating security needs to the CEO. One such professional – who became a head of IT in his early 20s – commented that information security then was just a part of the role. Now CISOs, CIOs, risk managers and CTOs are either on the board or reporting directly to them. It requires a whole new skill set.

Tech-savvy entrepreneurs, from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, were once exceptions in business. Traditionally, ‘techie' implied no finance or communication skills. But the skills and expertise to run a company are needed by senior employees. And it's a race. MBA business-oriented managers are fast getting up to speed with technology. MSc technologists must be just as agile in acquiring business acumen and soft skills to secure the senior information security roles of the future.

When so much is demanded of everyone in this highly competitive, innovative industry, it's only right that our brightest stars should be recognised for their achievements. And at SC Magazine's European awards, on April 29th in London, we are delighted to once again honour those who have stood out from the crowd, from rising stars to CSO of the year, as well as some of the best product and service solutions.  Do join us – even if you didn't get nominated this year, it will be a great night.


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