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A10 Networks announces UK launch with introduction of 64-bit technology

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A10 Networks has announced the launch of its 64-bit advanced core operation system (ACOS).

It calls it the 'industry's first Application Delivery OS based on native 64-bit code', and claimed that by eliminating the 4GB memory limitation of 32-bit architectures, the new 64-bit ACOS allows each processing thread to utilise more than 4GB of addressable memory.

The company claimed that this translates to unprecedented scalability for Layer 4-7 features, such as scalable buffering for application flow surge protection, larger RAM caching for optimising application response time, in addition to smart buffering to achieve greater throughput, servicing of more overall sessions and faster processing capabilities.

Lee Chen, founder and CEO of A10 Networks, said: “The new 64-bit ACOS enables AX Series to consolidate advanced features for initiatives such as application security, virtualisation, cloud computing and more. Customers who deploy our AX Series application delivery controllers with the 64-bit ACOS will benefit from a modern, high-performance architecture to handle internet advancement today, and years into the future.”

Along with the 64-bit ACOS, A10 has introduced five new AX Series models with throughput ranging from 10Gbps to 40Gbps. These are designed to provide application delivery and server load balancing functionality for medium to large enterprises, websites and ISPs/Carriers.

It has also added a domain name system (DNS) application firewall feature set that solves issues such as increased DNS infrastructure pressure, eliminating DDoS attacks on DNS infrastructure, and stops malicious or invalid traffic hitting DNS infrastructure.

The launches are part of an expansion into the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, as it has opened localised sales and technical resources in London, Paris and The Hague, with responsibility for local sales, partnerships, channel and customer support across the region.

It has also announced a new partnership with distributor VADition. Business development director, Barrie Desmond, said: “VADition specialises in introducing ‘disruptive' technologies to the UK market and A10 Networks is a fast-growing innovator in the application delivery market with a superb value proposition of ‘twice the performance, half the price'.

“We look forward to a strong partnership with A10, and integrating its cost-effective, new generation server load balancing family into our portfolio. The AX Series will benefit our customers by accelerating and solving deployment challenges for their applications.”

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