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Army deploys data encryption from ViaSat

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Army deploys data encryption from ViaSat
Army deploys data encryption from ViaSat

The British Army has deployed data encryption from ViaSat for its Scout Specialist Vehicles (SV).

Built by contractor General Dynamics, the Scout SV is designed to capture, store, manipulate and analyse over six terabytes of intelligence data, as well as share it in near real time. The encryption from ViaSat will form part of the Scout SV's modular architecture, ensuring that IT systems can be swapped and replaced as technology evolves.

ViaSat has developed the only hardware-based data encryption technology, which is CAPS-approved by CESG. A major feature is a purge control to delete data encryption keys, making data irrecoverable in the event of enemy capture.

The storage system has been designed to form the basis of future Scout SV variants and other vehicle programmes, thus reducing the requirement and risks for UK development expenditure.

Chris McIntosh, CEO of ViaSat UK, said: “Data is the most important weapon of the 21st century battlefield. Given Scout's role as an ISTAR platform, being able to guarantee that sensitive mission and communications data is not at risk in the event of loss or capture is essential.

“By combining our UK government-accredited hardware encryption technology with experience gained in other highly successful air and ground vehicle projects, we can help provide peace of mind for those using the Scout SV that their data is not at risk.”

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