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Bitdefender GravityZone

by Peter Stephenson July 01, 2015

We like a product that actually is a solution. Solution is one of those hype-laden marketing buzzwords that says, "We're not sure why you need this but it's a solution." In the case of Bitdefender Gravity Zone, though, calling it a solution is completely appropriate. It solves a very big set of problems in securing the virtual environment. 

If we secure the virtual environment the way we secure the physical environment, we put each of our security tools - or their agents - on every server and endpoint we need to cover. Since each of these is an independent computer we usually don't see any particular impact.

However, in a virtual environment all of the virtual machines are sharing a single stack of physical computers. That means that they are sharing memory and CPU. So, placing our security tools - anti-malware, for example - means that we really are putting multiple copies of the same thing on the same resource stack. And that means a performance hit no matter how you look at it. That architectural issue is exactly the problem for which GravityZone is the solution.

The tool gets away from a heavy-duty agent by using a virtual security server that talks to the VMs through BDTools. GravityZone itself is the management console. An anti-malware tool requires quite a bit of overhead to run. It must keep track of the current - and past - signatures for known malware. It needs to scan through the computer applying each of those signatures.

In tests using Login VSI to test a virtual desktop implementation, BDTools with the security server had the smallest impact on latency and the best performance across desktops of all products tested. One other benefit is that this approach does not require a virtual endpoint.

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