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Dell SecureWorks adds cloud-based vulnerability management and web application scanning services

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Dell SecureWorks has introduced vulnerability management and web application scanning services for the cloud.

Available for users of the Dell Public Cloud, Dell Cloud Dedicated Service and customers of VMware vCenter 5.0 environments, the vulnerability management service will offer Dell SecureWorks security personnel to conduct regularly scheduled or ‘on demand' vulnerability scans of a customer's cloud services and applications.

According to Dell SecureWorks, its Web Application Scanning for cloud service will focus on an organisation' s cloud-based web applications and will provide regularly scheduled and ‘on demand' vulnerability scans of a customer's web applications, including those which reside behind login pages, enabling a security review of an organisation's web applications.

If security vulnerabilities are found during the scanning process, the customer will immediately receive recommendations on how to fix them.

Mark Wood, director of product management for Dell SecureWorks cloud security services, said: “Dell already employs Dell SecureWorks' award-winning security services to protect the infrastructure of its cloud data centre. Now we are extending three of our key security solutions to cloud customers so they can feel confident that their cloud-based applications and services are protected from the latest cyber threats.

“Providing organisations with vulnerability and web application assessment services, which are fully managed and specifically designed for cloud environments, along with our Global Threat Intelligence Service, makes the discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities a routine and effortless process. We are helping to provide customers with a secure experience while capitalising on the key benefits the cloud can bring to their organisation.”

Additionally, all threat intelligence reports and analysis from the Global Threat Intelligence Service are available to customers through the Dell SecureWorks Portal, the company said.

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