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EU privacy watchdog calls for action on smart meters

Plans for the roll out of smart meters across Europe will pave the way for intrusive data mining of homes and small businesses unless the European Commission takes action, the EU privacy watchdog has warned.

Butterfly on a wheel: Gary McKinnon

Butterfly on a wheel: Gary McKinnon

With a court hearing now imminent for accused hacker Gary McKinnon's fight against extradition to the US, the debate about the fairness of the system is getting fierce. Derek Parkinson asks McKinnon's supporters, legal experts - and a member of 'the NatWest Three' - why they want the Extradition Act to be overhauled.

Analysis: Life after WikiLeaks

The WikiLeaks publication of confidential US dimplomatic cables is still causing ructions, but is it more embarrassing than dangerous? Derek Parkinson looks at the security lessons for the rest of us.

Funding the new Home Guard to protect against cyber attacks

For the first time, cyber threats are on the fast track to the Prime Minister's in-tray. And with £650 million available, the Government is putting its money where its mouth is, says Derek Parkinson.

Public sector needs "clean-up job"

The public sector needs to be more accountable for its data handling practices if we are to find the right balance between individual freedom and collective security, warned Shadow Security Minister Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones.

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