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by Justin Peltier September 01, 2008

GuardianEdge Technologies


Device Control



c£30 per endpoint (volume discounts available)


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  • Strengths: A solid offering which minimises the risk of data theft through attached devices
  • Weaknesses: The full suite of products would provide a more robust solution
  • Verdict: Easy to install and use. It does exactly what it claims to do

GuardianEdge Device Control is a component of the more robust GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform. This tool includes the GuardianEdge Device Control Auditor utility.

Although the GuardianEdge Device Control package has fewer components than the entire GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform, it still makes use of a three-tiered architecture.

The GuardianEdge server should first be installed on a server that is a member of an Active Directory domain. Once this is set up, the Device Control Management Console and Auditor will need to be installed.

In order to make use of the audit scans remotely on endpoints functionality, the Auditor needs to communicate remotely with the registry of Microsoft Windows machines.

This remote access to the registry can be obtained using one of two methods. The default scan protocol is Setup API. An additional scan protocol, WMI, may be useful if the endpoints in your network do not allow file and print sharing.

Irrespective of how the auditor accesses the client machine, the Device Control Auditor will check policies created in the Management Console and almost always distributed through the AD framework. The Novell eDirectory can also be used.

The policies can grant or restrict access to physical ports on the client machine to most devices, which would be attached to an endpoint.

The installation was a breeze and the device was running well inside 30 minutes.

The documentation comes in the form of a PDF download. However, the manuals are named similarly, and this can be a bit confusing.

Help is offered through phone, email and a website. Phone support for the regular class of customer is 20 per cent of the purchase price, and premium support is 30 per cent.

The GuardianEdge Device Control costs c£30 per endpoint. This places it in the upper echelon of products in this category.

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