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DigitalPersona Pro


by Peter Stephenson October 01, 2007
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DigitalPersona Pro



From £73 for Pro Workstation Reader Package and £1,103 for Pro Server


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  • Strengths: Easy to install and deploy with integration into Active Directory and authentication to more than just logon
  • Weaknesses: Again, nothing we found during this group test
  • Verdict: For its ease of use and powerful feature set, we make DigitalPersona Pro our Recommended product

DigitalPersona Pro makes user names and passwords almost obsolete. The solution uses what the vendor has termed One Touch, which can not only be applied to logon, but to administrator sign-on for web-based applications, where the administrator touches the device and all fields are filled in.

There is also simplicity and security for users via One Touch Internet, which provides fingerprint-based authentication for websites. One Touch Unlock allows the user to lock the workstation and unlock it by fingerprint authentication.

We found this product to be very simple to use. Installation took just seconds and enrollment was a breeze. The installation is guided by an easy-to-follow wizard that did all the necessary modifications to the Active Directory schema and installed the server software.

The client side was just as simple. The wizard installed the software, reader drivers and the reader itself in one quick- and-easy step. From there, enrollment takes place and is guided by another wizard when an unenrolled user logs on for the first time.

We found this product to be a powerful performer. It integrates directly into Active Directory, so there is no need for extra servers running other databases. The installation for the clients is in the form of msi files, so it can also be deployed via group policy, making deployment simple and non-intrusive to the environment.

Documentation is supplied in the form of a PDF administrator guide and a simple quick-start guide for client installation. We found all the information to be easy to read and well organised. It also included many charts, diagrams and screenshots.

Two-tiered maintenance and support is available at 15 per cent or 20 per cent of the cost of the product. There is also a support area on the vendor website that includes downloads, a knowledge base, FAQs and reference materials.

Pricing starts at £1,103 for the Pro Server and £73 for the Pro Workstation Reader package. Although it may seem costly for larger deployments, this product provides a lot of flexibility and many ways of extending secure fingerprint based authentication.

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