Roughly a quarter of UK cyber-attacks originate from ransomware


Ransomware accounts for around a quarter of cyber-threats targeting internet users in the UK.

Facebook scam promises friend's video, delivers malware instead

A new spam campaign tries to fool Facebook users into downloading malware by luring them to a fake YouTube page supposedly featuring a friend's video.

ESET surveys reveal ages of unsupervised children surfing the web


British parents allow their children to surf the web unsupervised years prior to the children gaining their trust to be given their own set of house keys. Meanwhile in Russia, almost none of the children have their own mobile gadgets or are allowed to do anything in cyber-space without supervision until they are five years old.

Cyber IQ test results show UK workers know little about online threats


Research by ESET claims that UK workers show a lack of cyber-awareness, with many unable to identify common internet security terms which puts them at risk from hackers.

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