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EU cybercrime alert system criticised

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The creation of a cybercrime alert system has been described as ‘more of the same'.


Rik Ferguson, senior researcher at Trend Micro claimed that he welcomed the move but its introduction ‘is just more of the same'.


Europol, the European law enforcement body, is to get €300,000 to build the alert system to pool reports of cybercrime, such as online ID and financial theft, from across the 27 member states. It will introduce measures to encourage businesses and the police to work closer together in sharing information on investigations and cybercrime trends.


Jacques Barrot, vice president of the European Commission, said in a statement: “The strategy encourages the much needed operational co-operation and information exchange between the member states.


“If the strategy is to make the fight against cybercrime more efficient, all stakeholders have to be fully committed to its implementation. We are ready to support them, also financially, in their efforts.”


Ferguson said that the Council of Europe set up a declaration in 2001 with 30 countries signing it, including countries outside of the EU. However, since it was signed, a large number of important countries such as the UK and Germany have not ratified it.


Ferguson said: “Despite the introductions of treaties and conventions, there has been little action. Jacques Barrot is urging ISPs to become more proactive in disconnecting offenders, such as McColo, the spam giant that hosted major credit card theft, fraud and other criminal activities recently. On a global level, McColo was reportedly accountable for anywhere from 50-75 per cent of spam activity worldwide.”

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