EU, Japan to fight cybercrime together

CosmicDuke malware may hit European governments
CosmicDuke malware may hit European governments

On Wednesday, the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission met with Japan's Prime Minister for the 22nd Summit between the EU and Japan, and issued a joint statement, outlining their initiatives to build on existing cooperation and enhance EU-Japanese partnership.

Bilateral relations, regional and global issues were all addressed, with major focus in the former two on trade and economic relations and peacekeeping measures. The latter, global issues, highlighted the drastic need to address climate change, the enforcement of the G20 tax evasion reform agenda and the inaugural EU-Japan Space Policy Dialogue, which will take place later this year.

But, in news that is likely to be of most interest to SC readers, cyber security was also a focal point, with both parties acknowledging the “severe, widespread and globalised risks surrounding cyberspace and the need to protect human rights online.” 

Recognising the necessity of a “safe, open and secure cyberspace” the statement announced the launch of an EU-Japan Cyber Dialogue, “promoting cooperation on cyberspace through exchanges of our respective extensive experience and knowledge.”