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GateProtect GPZ 2500


by Peter Stephenson July 01, 2010



GateProtect GPZ 2500





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  • Strengths: Highly flexible and configurable with a lot of features
  • Weaknesses: Difficult to deploy initially
  • Verdict: Give yourself some time to set this one up, but a competent product nonetheless

GateProtect GPZ 2500 is a highly flexible, highly configurable full function UTM appliance. It includes firewalls, bridging, VLAN, single sign-on, traffic shaping, QoS, IPsec/SSL, IDS/IPS, web filters, virus filters, real-time spam detection and HTTPS proxy all in one appliance.

The unfortunate part of this product is that all of this functionality comes at a price, as it is quite difficult to configure. The initial setup is fairly straightforward and consists of connecting it to the network and then installing the administration client on a network machine. This will locate the device and then configuration can begin. The administration client itself is well organised but it is overwhelming. There is a short configuration that can be run but we found even after that there is still a lot of advance configuration that needs to be completed.

However, the GateProtect appliance is highly flexible and it can be configured to fit into even the most complex of environments. The interface features a full network map of the various connections. Applying rules and policy is as simple as selecting where the policy needs to be applied and assign it to there. We found that once the initial configuration is complete the device becomes a bit easier to use.

Documentation provided included an administrator guide that covered everything from installation to configuration. This guide features many screenshots, step-by-step instructions and configuration examples in a well-organised format.

GateProtect offers a vast array of support options that are available via contracts. Some options include various phone and email support hours and response times, as well as updates and subscription support. There is also an online portal available on the website, which includes a knowledgebase and other product resources.

At a price of £7,300 plus an additional fee to load it up, we find GateProtect GPZ 2500 to be quite pricey. However, it is good value for money for large complex environments that may need some extra power and flexibility.

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