Good Technology file lawsuits against MobileIron and AirWatch over patent infringements

Good Technology has filed two separate patent infringement lawsuits against MobileIron and AirWatch.

According to Good, its technology is at the heart of these lawsuits and in the lawsuit filed against MobileIron, it said that its innovations ‘have been the subject of widespread copying by other competitors who have unfairly attempted  to capitalize on Good's pioneering efforts and success by imitating Good's innovative technology and product offerings'.

It also said that the patents in the lawsuit cover core technology first developed in the late 1990s that enable users to securely access email and other business data while mobile.

Naming MobileIron as a ‘principal imitators', it said: “Instead of pursuing independent product development, MobileIron has chosen to use Good's innovative technology and product offerings, in violation of Good's valuable intellectual property rights.

“MobileIron has made its MobileIron products work through widespread patent infringement. MobileIron has further made false and misleading claims with respect to Good's technology and products, and in the process audaciously and erroneously claims to be the ‘first' to deliver such technology and products that use Good's pre-existing technology.”

The lawsuit against MobileIron also includes Lanham Act and related claims alleging MobileIron engaged in a marketing campaign based on falsehoods and misleading claims about Good and its product offerings.

The case against AirWatch is similar in language, with Good Technology saying that AirWatch had ‘committed acts of infringement… including at the very least, developing, distributing, selling, offering for sale, advertising, using and/or supporting products or services that fall within one or more claims of Good's patents-in-suit'.

Good Technology said: “Instead of pursuing independent product development, AirWatch has chosen to use Good's innovative technology and product offerings, in violation of Good's valuable intellectual property rights. As detailed in Good's complaint, AirWatch has made its AirWatch MDM and related products work by using our technology.”

King Lee, CEO of Good Technology said: “Smartphones and tablets have become the most important and ubiquitous piece of technology we use in our daily lives. Good has pioneered the technology and products critical to the backbone and safety of these mobile devices, and these lawsuits are about two blatant infringers of our technology – MobileIron and AirWatch.

“We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars researching, developing and marketing our solutions. Thousands of organisations worldwide, including half of the FORTUNE 100, trust us to safely, efficiently and reliably scale their mobile enterprises, and we intend to vigorously defend our intellectual property rights around the world.”

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