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Industry Innovators


Industry Innovators: Hall of Fame

To get to the Hall of Fame an Innovator must have been on our radar for some time and in the year-end Innovators issue for three years.


Industry Innovators: Access Control

The approaches to access control have varied over the decades, but today the challenges are greater than ever.


Industry Innovators: Perimeter Defence

The perimeter is disappearing


Industry Innovators: Data Protection

There would be no need for security on our networks if we didn't care about protecting the data that sit on them and travel on them.


Industry Innovators: Virtualisation and cloud security

We still need the functionality of traditional protections - at least in part - but the manner of deployment is quite different.


Industry Innovators: Cyber-threat analysis and intelligence

This is an entirely new category and it has become one of the most important areas of next-generation network and data protection.


Industry Innovators: Next-generation security monitoring and analytics

The approaches that each of these Innovators takes is focused on a specific way of viewing the security monitoring and analytics problem.


Industry Innovators: Security infrastructure

The evaporation of the perimeter has made the idea of an infrastructure a bit fuzzy and, certainly, the notion of a surety infrastructure is an equally gray area.


Industry Innovators: Risk and policy management

Collecting data needs to be diverse allowing data collection directly off of network devices and from questionnaires and other "soft" sources.


Industry Innovators: Analysis and testing

Our selection in this category is living proof that one doesn't need a big organisation to turn out a first-rate product with a lot of innovation behind it.

How We Test and Score

Our testing team includes knowledgeable internal staff, as well as external experts who are respected industry-wide. In our Group Tests, we aim to look at a broad range of products around a common theme.

This might mean including products that do the same thing but which are aimed at different markets - in this case, we will review them both in that context and on their own merits.

With an increasingly diverse range of products, it is not always possible to make direct comparisons to other products

Our final conclusions and ratings are subject to the judgement of the reviewer

What the Stars mean

Our star ratings indicate how well the product has performed against each of our test criteria.

These are marked as follows:

   Seriously deficient
   Fails to complete certain basic functions
   Carries out all basic functions to a satisfactory level
   Carries out all basic functions very well

Approved/Recommended/Best Buy

Approved Logo Best Buy Logo Recommended Logo

Any product we review could win our Best Buy and Recommended awards.

Best Buy is out top award and goes to those products we rate as outstanding across a range of criteria.

Recommended means that the product has shone in a specific area or will suit a particular need very well

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