Halon Security introduces free version of its virtual router

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Halon Security has launched a 'personal' version of its Virtual Security Router to allow users to install a specially tailored firewall router into their systems.

According to the company, the small business and personal use router is available for free and is IPv6 ready for support of any virtualised environment, and is based on OpenBSD. It said that it adds automatic clustering, revision-based configuration, real-time graphs and logging, integrated centralised management for clusters, automatic high availability and VPN hardware AES acceleration (when used with supported hardware).

The company explained that the free version does not have reduced performance capacity, instead there are restrictions such as a maximum of ten firewall rules, one IPsec tunnel and no load balancer, VPN users or VLAN.

Jonas Falck, vice president of Halon Security, said: “It might sound very light, but it is good enough for some purposes, such as for personal use or for a smaller set-up. Support is not included but the product can be upgraded to a commercial edition that includes software updates and support.

“You do get all of the nice features of the Virtual Security Router: an easy to use user interface; revision-based configuration; web centralised management and full IPv6 support.”

Peter Falck, president of Halon Security, said: “Our powerful firewall and router extends possibilities to a new dimension. We're offering unique rich feature sets that allow hosting, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud companies set security to another level without compromise.

“VSR is a complete security package for virtual infrastructure and can be easily integrated by using APIs. Now, we have all these features available for free.”

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