January 2008 Issue of SCMagazine UK

January 2008 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine January 2008


Editorial: HMRC's loss could be your gain

The British public are becoming used to major data losses occurring within public agencies, with the incidents at HMRC and DVLA forming part of a ...


SC Top 30 F-Secure (28)

Many think of the security industry as the dark side of IT, so it seems in many ways apposite that one of Europe's foremost security ...

Review of 2007: Lost in translation

Large-scale data breaches across both the private and public sectors dominated the news throughout the year. Rob Buckley looks back.

HMRC: Looking for clues

The loss of two disks with details of 25 million people was far from an isolated incident. What is going on at HMRC?

Focus on: The firewall

One of the most trusted security elements, it can nonetheless be misconfigured and play right into the hands of the hacker.

The SC interview online: Eva Chen

Paul Fisher met up with the co-founder and CEO of Trend Micro, Eva Chen during a recent visit to London. A wide ranging discussion touched ...


The Illusion of Privacy

The public's idea of confidentiality is not compatible with the way their details are handled.

Legal Matters: Don't put your foot in it

Simply sticking a disclaimer at the bottom of an email is no get-out-of-jail-free card, warns Tamzin Matthew.

Wasn't that encrypted?

Encryption is pointless if not applied to an entire session. It only gives users a false sense of security.

Remember your birthday

The media may be overhyping the threat of card fraud, but it is time to rethink our reliance on passwords.

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