January 2009 Issue of SCMagazine UK

January 2009 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine January 2009


Tools of the trade: Android invasion?

The year of the Android mobile kicks off; other picks include a netbook and a £5k SLR camera. By Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief of Stuff

Interview: Peter Bauer and Neil Murray

Mimecast's bread and butter may be email management, but its founders' vision of an information bank is alluring. By Paul Fisher

Making a case to the board

Justifying security spend in tough times is a hard sell. So, avoid complex ROI arguments, focus on risk and steer clear of jargon. By Rob ...


They're jammin'

Mobile phones and GPS are all too easy to block, while a blanket Ofcom ban saps efforts to combat jammers

Windows could divide to rule

Corporate and home users don't have similar OS needs. It is time for Windows 7 to offer varied versions

Beware the enemy within

External threats are more numerous, but it is the targeted, knowledgeable hits from the insider that cause most harm

Governments crying wolf

Officials sound the cyberattack alarm, but tend to leave business to fend for itself. Time for less talk and more deeds

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