January 2014 Issue of SCMagazine UK

January 2014 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine January/February 2014


New threats or old? It's both

It's a New Year with a new editor and new team members on SC. Thanks for the warm welcome from everyone we've met and we'll ...

Group Test

BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM)

The BIG-IP 4200v with ASM from F5 is well-stocked with original, useful features.


Fortinet is well-known for its products, and those we have reviewed in the past exhibited high quality response to a variety of challenges.

SecureSphere X1010 Web Application Firewall X1010

Right out of the box, Imperva’s SecureSphere X1010 Web Application Firewall X1010 presented a slight learning curve to get it configured, as all the documentation ...

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring (X2500)

SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring hardware appliance by Imperva is a well put together and configured machine that provides outstanding protection to both web and database ...

McAfee Database Security Solution

The McAfee Database Security Solution software is a solid buy for any enterprise.


Coping with chaos

It may be a time of great change for the infosec industry, but advice on achieving the budgets needed to keep up with new threats ...

League table Go-Ahead

In a special one-off case study linking our themes of PCI compliance and security spend, Random Storm technical director and co-founder Andrew Mason describes to ...

Safe Passage

The latest PCI update offers improvements to ensure security in online transactions, says Tim Lansdale, head of payment security, WorldPay. Tony Morbin reports.


BYOD: Facing up to the inevitable

Businesses can accept employee device promiscuity without causing difficulties for IT management, says Centrify's Darren Gross.

Context is king

Context-aware security can make intelligent decisions while allowing mobile users to get the job done.

Of cryptography and conspiracy stories

Encryption integrity is called into question following NSA leaks, says Alan Kessler, CEO of Vormetric

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