March 2011 Issue of SCMagazine UK

March 2011 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine Mar/Apr 2011


Analysis: Life after WikiLeaks

The WikiLeaks publication of confidential US dimplomatic cables is still causing ructions, but is it more embarrassing than dangerous? Derek Parkinson looks at the security ...

Virtualisation offers a lot of advantages but security must already be built in

In an increasingly complex security world, virtualisation promises much - if you build in security from the get-go, says Rob Buckley.

SC Magazine interview: Michael White, technical director at Coverity

Coverity's technical director doesn't believe in surprises. The company has a triage process for resolving defects, in timely fashion, to help develop secure applications. It ...

SC/ Survey: Archiving and continuity

There is a growing need for email archiving, but our survey, in association with, reveals a neglectful attitude of 'out of sight, out of ...


Not all government and business secrets should be made available to the public by whistleblower sites

All corporate and government data, however obtained, is not fair game. We need to draw a line somewhere...

The risk posed by cyber threats means IT security professionals should be represented on corporate boards

Playing out a cyber crisis ahead of time will help information security priorities inform the corporate response.

Script kiddies are going further in compromising websites to prove they are capable hackers

It is not enough now just to deface a website, you need to totally compromise the victim and publish the results.

Professional Monitor: in association with (ISC)2

Security awareness is a delicate thing, not something to be forced. It takes skill in selling the awareness message in such a way that people ...

When network security is not enough

You may be in control of all within the perimeter of corporate security, but when data leaves that safe haven, information rights management is essential, ...

How to get the benefit of the cloud

Cloud computing is a boon, but its vectors need to be kept on a short leash, says Mushegh Hakhinian, security architect at IntraLinks.


M86 SWG 5000

Businesses looking for a web content security solution are faced with many choices, but M86’s Secure Web Gateways have unique capabilities.

Winfrasoft Security Gateway 9500-DE

UK-based Winfrasoft has traditionally offered a wide range of Microsoft-powered security appliances, but aims to go further by providing more sophisticated hardware platforms and superior ...

CronLab Pro 2000 Anti-Spam

Many businesses still consider anti-spam appliances too complex to deploy, but the Pro 2000 from UK-based CronLab claims a ten-minute installation.

Cyberoam CR750ia

Cyberoam’s UTM appliances have a keen focus on identity-based security and its latest CR750ia brings this technology to mid-sized businesses.

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