September 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

September 2007 Issue of SCMagazine UK

SC Magazine September 2007


Editorial: Support from an unexpected ally

The House of Lords science and technology committee has delivered its verdict on the online world with the publication of its report on personal internet ...


Intelligence: Ten wise men

Recent high-profile security breaches are making it harder to separate the key issues from the hype. Barry Mansfield asks top experts for their advice.

Investment: Tapping into the markets

Venture capitalists are on a shopping spree. For budding infosec entrepreneurs in need of cash, this could be the answer. By Richard Willsher.

Interview: Eldar Tuvey

A background in banking has given the ScanSafe CEO and co-founder the drive and confidence to tackle the market head-on.


Outside view: Time to get busy in the City

The financial services sector needs to boost its IT security defences, says Geoff Sweeney.

Legal matters: Big brother has to play fair

Businesses may have reasons to monitor email, but they must protect employees' privacy.

Be smart with your phone

As we start to pay bills and surf the web from our mobile phones, it's not the handsets thieves will be after.

The illusion of accuracy

Don't take log files as absolute truth. They're only as reliable as the systems that generated them.

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