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Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.4


by Peter Stephenson July 01, 2008

Kerio Technologies Inc.


Kerio WinRoute Firewall 6.4





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  • Strengths: Very nice software firewall with anti-virus and web filtering
  • Weaknesses: Actual VPN functionality is quite limited
  • Verdict: If you're looking for a good low-end firewall/gateway with some VPN capabilities, this one should get your attention

The Kerio WinRoute Firewall is an interesting proposition for this category. This product is not just an SSL VPN, but a full-on firewall package designed for Microsoft Windows. Features include a stateful packet inspection firewall, gateway anti-virus and web content filtering. The VPN can be accessed either by using a client application or clientless via a web browser.

This product can be installed directly on a machine running Windows 2000 or later that has two network interface cards. One card is connected to the network, the other to the internet. WinRoute will become the gateway after installation, which takes just a few minutes and is guided by a simple wizard.

After that all configuration is done via the administration console on the local machine. We found this console to be easy to use and intuitive to navigate.

The WinRoute Firewall is designed to plug directly into the Windows environment. It can interface with Active Directory and seamlessly integrate into the existing infrastructure.

The VPN itself can be configured as a site-to-site server-to-server VPN to tie branch offices to headquarter resources, or it can be used as a client-to-server VPN to enable remote users to access network resources remotely.

There are several PDF guides and manuals available via the website for this product. These include an administrator's guide, configuration information, console administration guide and VPN client manual. All the documentation for the Kerio WinRoute Firewall is well organised, with clear step-by-step configuration instructions, examples and screenshots.

Kerio offers both phone and email support, as well as patches, updates and upgrades on a subscription basis. Customers also have access to an extensive support area on the website, which includes a knowledge base, product downloads, technical documentation and an FAQ section.

With a starting price of £229 for the standard edition, we find this product to be average value for money. While it does offer a lot of features in the way of a firewall and gateway, the actual VPN functionality is very limited.

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