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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro


by Peter Stephenson November 01, 2008
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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro



£277 for two administrators (Standard Edition)


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  • Strengths: Easy to deploy and manage with many supported platforms
  • Weaknesses: None that we found
  • Verdict: Ease of deployment, small software footprint and superior pricing make ManageEngine our Recommended product

AdventNet's ManageEngine Password Manager Pro provides a complete system for password management in one simple web-based package. This product includes features that allow for password management across the entire enterprise via a centralised secure password vault. This allows administrators to enforce password policy and control user access to shared passwords and resources.

The ManageEngine can also provide administrators with a simple way to remotely change passwords on critical systems on a regular basis, lowering the risk of compromising the administrative and service accounts.

This product was quite easy to install and configure. The whole application is installed from a single executable, which installs the service, web services and administrative console. We simply logged into the intuitive web-based management interface and began configuring our target machines and accounts. Policies were quick and easy to configure and we had the whole system up and running in just a few minutes. From the user perspective we saw the same intuitiveness all the way from logging onto the system through managing resources.

The ManageEngine can plug directly into the environment and manage several platform types including Windows systems, Linux and Mac OS. This gives great flexibility along with direct interfacing with LDAP or Active Directory. The one comprehensive guide is well organised, providing detailed step-by-step configuration instructions as well as many screenshots for further illustration.

AdventNet provides both phone and email technical support as part of an annual service agreement as well as a small free support area on the website, which includes a user forum and troubleshooting tips. Customers can also get service pack updates as well as minor release upgrades.

At a price of £277 for two administrators with unlimited resources and users, this product is excellent value for the money. The ManageEngine provides a simple and effective way of managing passwords across the enterprise at a fair cost.

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