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New monitoring technology introduced by Overtis to include web applications

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Overtis has announced the launch of technology that enables browser-based activity to be centrally managed and audited.

According to the company, the VigilancePro web application manager has been developed to help organisations to prove compliance with data protection regulations when customer information is accessed using web-based applications.

It said that this is a browser plug-in that allows acceptable use policies to be enforced in the cloud, as if an employee was working at the company premises. It allows authentication credentials to be hidden from users and can be used to provide single sign-on to multiple business applications. It can also show or hide application tabs, hyperlinks and buttons and masks sensitive data, depending on the role, location and device status of the person using the application.

Ed Macnair, CEO of Overtis, said: “We believe that the browser is the new endpoint and organisations need to gain visibility of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) activity by managing, securing and auditing what happens in the browser.

“Financial and pharmaceutical organisations are governed by strict information assurance rules which have prevented them from being able to fully benefit from the cloud. By enabling them to exercise the same level of control over web applications by treating them as on-premise applications with the ability to centrally manage and audit user activity, these organisations can gain the economic benefits of cloud-based technology, without losing control of their data.”

Eric Domage, manager of Western European security research and consulting at IDC, said: “Given the complexity of cloud infrastructure, it happens that the browser is the new frontier between the user and data. To date, organisations have adopted cloud-based services, despite security questions remaining. New technologies that allow control of the browser will help to overcome the long-term inhibitors to cloud adoption and increase uptake of SaaS services.”

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