New phishing scam with false details of Foreign office and David Miliband details detected

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has issued a warning over a phishing scam that claim to be from Foreign Secretary David Miliband.


Rik Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro, published a warning about the scam, claiming that it is similar to the Obama Stimulus Check” scam from January this year and offers those hit by the global economic slowdown a chance to benefit from a bogus “Recession Relief Programme Fund”.


A warning by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office read: “The email asks recipients for their personal details so that they can receive funds from a fictitious recession relief programme fund. This email is a scam. If you receive this email please report it to your local fraud crime office or visit the Metropolitan Police website for further information.”


Ferguson said: “In standard phishing form, the emails ask recipients for personal details in order to benefit from the fictitious scheme. Once again, treat all unsolicited (and most solicited) mail as suspicious.”

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