Product Reviews

Bitdefender GravityZone

We like a product that actually is a solution. Solution is one of those hype-laden marketing buzzwords that says, “We’re not sure why you need this but it’s a solution.”

Catbird Insight

The problem this tool is addressing is twofold: lack of visibility in the cloud and inefficient security controls.

HyTrust DataControl

The silver bullet of data security is encryption. Simple, right? Not so fast…there are several issues, especially in a virtual environment, that make that simple statement a little more difficult in practice.

Kaspersky Lab Security for Virtualisation

Kaspersky has built itself up from a purveyor of anti-virus software to a full-blown security management company and has now moved into the virtual environment with this offering. Right from the first, we were impressed.

Menlo Security Isolation Platform

We’ve seen user isolation in the cloud before and some of it is very effective. Typically, users are directed to a cloud service that spots malware and then refuses to deliver content that is infected.


Cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services are the bane of most organisations because they are not, of themselves, secure.

Boldon James Classifier v3.7

The Boldon James Classifier bundle is a comprehensive data leakage prevention solution that is easy to implement in organisations large and small.

Code Green Networks TrueDLP

Code Green Network's TrueDLP product is an extremely effective solution to data leak protection.

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager

Identity Finder Sensitive Data Manager takes a robust approach to data leakage prevention, offering maximum security across almost any networked device.

TITUS Classification Suite

TITUS Classification Suite approaches data classification in a unique way: By giving power back to the user while double-checking with automated analysis.

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