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Rapid7 announces enhancements to three product lines

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Rapid7 has announced enhancements to its risk assessment and management product portfolio that it said will provide more actionable visibility.

Launched is version 4.7 of Metasploit, which introduces MetaModules, the company's new way to simplify and operationalise security testing for IT security professionals by automating common security tests.

Based on an architecture that will enable Rapid7 to develop more packaged security testing to help defenders improve security, it said that there are six MetaModules included for security controls and penetration testing. These package in-demand functionality, such as validating which outbound firewall ports are open, testing for default credentials, or stealthily discovering hosts on the network, said Rapid7. 

Also launched is Mobilisafe AppSentinel that builds on the solution's existing capabilities of identifying which devices are accessing corporate data and networks, and assessing the risk associated with the operating system and device itself.

The company said that Mobilisafe's new capabilities help mitigate connections by delivering insight and analytics for the applications users are running on their devices and it discovers and inventories applications on each device, and flags any iOS and Android apps that are not on the official iOS and Google Play App Stores

Finally, set to be launched later this month is version 5.7 of Nexpose that allows users to create multiple vulnerability exceptions and remove groupings of unwanted assets within the Nexpose instance with a single action.

According to the company, for large-scale complex environments, this can improve the signal-to-noise ratio, enabling security professionals to identify and take the necessary actions sooner.

Lee Weiner, senior vice president of products and engineering at Rapid7, said: “Information security professionals face a huge, unrelenting challenge and all-too-often they are under-resourced and tasked to wear multiple hats.

“Our goal is to make their lives easier, delivering efficiency around common tasks to maximise their productivity, and giving them the visibility they need into what's really working and what needs attention.”

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