Mobile Threat Assessment

This in-depth report reveals that Android malware is growing more pervasive, and iOS devices are also increasingly at risk.


Whitepapers are partner-offered informational research documents that provide technical and operational data, case studies, and timely views and explanations to help keep your organization safe.

M-Trends 2015

The report provides key insights, statistics, and case studies illustrating how the tools and tactics of advanced persistent threat (APT) actors have evolved over the last year.

Top 10 Reasons You Don't Need MDM

Face it. Smartphones are a fad. Tablets? Simply an unruly smartphone that got too big for its britches. Who needs them?

Switching Managed SSL Service Providers

In this White Paper you will learn about the steps involved in switching to a new CA, what to look for, how to estimate the costs, and why the most common myths associated with switching can be ignored.

eBooks, editorially produced by SC

SC eBooks are independent, editorially driven products, sometimes underwritten by sponsors, that offer in-depth analysis of critical areas of interest to our readers. These comprehensive reports provide insights from industry experts specializing in the various aspects of data security, and hands-on analysis by CISOs of companies addressing these challenges on a daily basis.

Seven Things to Consider When Evaluating Privileged Account Security Solutions

You’re convinced that protecting privileged accounts is paramount in your security strategy. But how do you go about selecting the right solutions from the right provider?