Russian hacker owns up to taking over BBC server

A Russian hacker secretly took over a computer server at the British Broadcasting Corporation on Christmas Day.

A Russian hacker gained access to a BBC server
A Russian hacker gained access to a BBC server

The hacker, who is known online as “HASH” or “Rev0lver” according to the Reuters news agency, supposedly broke into a BBC FTP server usually reserved for uploading large files and in turn then tried to sell access to other hackers.

US-based security firm Hold Security first identified the attack, although “HASH” has since offered proof of breaking into the server by posting a screenshot of the server and its files on an internet forum. Researchers found no evidence to suggest that any data was stolen.

This isn't the first time cyber criminals have targeted the BBC. In 2012, it was subject to a cyber attack, allegedly from Iran, which knocked out its Persian service.

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