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SC Magazine eConference: PCI v3. Beyond compliance - Achieve security

When: Thursday 21st May 2015 | 12:00 pm BST

Where: Your computer

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PCI V3 - are you confidant that you are now compliant?  And what do you do next? We look at how you should ensure you are implementing the requirements of PCI v3 correctly to ensure that you do not fall short of compliance, and where that might happen. We also consider some of the shortcomings of the regulations in relation to actually ensuring your operations are secure, and then suggest what more you ought to be doing to go beyond the bare minimum, implementing international best practice security in your cards and payments systems. And we also look at what steps is PCI taking to combat newly identified vulnerabilities in the wake of Poodle - and what the implications are for you, including any additional compliance steps to be taken and their timescales. 


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