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SC Magazine eConference: PCI v3. Beyond compliance - Achieve security

When: Thursday 21st May 2015 | 12:00 pm BST

Where: Your computer

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PCI V3 - are you confident that you are now compliant?  And what are you doing about v3.1 to tackle SSL issues? We look at how you should ensure you are implementing the requirements of PCI v3 and v3.1 correctly to ensure that you do not fall short of compliance, and where that might happen. We also consider common challenge areas and what you ought to be doing to go beyond the bare minimum, implementing international best practice security in your cards and payments systems. We'll also discuss vulnerabilities within the SSL protocol that require an alternative cryptographic approach to protect payment transactions and how migration away from SSL impacts security and PCI DSS compliance efforts as well as strategies for addressing these challenges.


Keynote Speakers:

Jeremy King, International Director, PCI Security Standards Council

Tracey Long, Payment Security PCI DSS Compliance Manager, WorldPay


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