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Security FAQs website to close this year

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Security FAQs website to close this year
Security FAQs website to close this year

Security ‘how to' guide and advice blog SecurityFAQs is to close this year.

The website has had around 3,000 posts stretching back to 2006, and author Lee Munson, who does not work in security but has sought a full time job in the industry, admitted that time and financial pressures have forced him to close the website once his next scheduled posts are published.

Munson told SC Magazine that running the website had become a full-time, yet unpaid job, and the cost of running the site meant he was often at a financial loss.

In his announcement that he was closing the site, Munson said: “So, bar the 80 or so posts that I've already scheduled up, I'm going to get out of here. No more writing for me – its pointless and leading nowhere. I need to spend that money, and time, far more wisely.

“I have to toss the dream away and get myself back to reality. I have to do it quickly too before I blow the chance of earning a proper wage forever. So, for me, there will be no to very little time on Twitter and no more writing. I tried. I failed. I need to move on.”

He closed by thanking those who had supported and backed the site, and told SC Magazine that the site will be live until October.

Neira Jones, partner at Accourt, said: “I believe blogs like Lee's are extremely valuable because they raise awareness, and that is evidenced by the number of followers that Lee has. And he does it in a very nice way.”

Javvad Malik, senior analyst at 451 Group, commented: “First and foremost – Lee's blog is one of the very few that is truly independent and free of bias. He's not a vendor, an analyst, a journalist, a consultant – he's just someone who's passionate about information security to a level that lots of us who are actually in the industry aren't.

“He's someone who has pursued knowledge, not because his employer made him, he spent his own time and money going to conferences and learning about security stuff to share with the world. In Star Trek terms, he would be classed as an anomaly - an outsider who broke through the force field of the echo chamber to become one of us.

“He's a very nice and humble guy – perhaps too humble – he constantly underestimates his own capabilities. His website is very good and informative – it's really up there with some of the professional security news sites. What I valued the most was his perspective and insight on security issues as an outsider. He was really able to grasp concepts very well and then explain them even better. His decision to move on is a big loss for infosec. I wish we had more people like Lee.”

Brian Honan, CEO of BH Consulting, said: “Lee closing down his blog is a big loss to the infosec community. His blog acted as a bridge between those in the business side looking for for an easy and practical explanation to infosec issues.

“Many blogs dedicated to Information security are either very technical in nature, or managed by vendors looking to promote their own products or agendas. Blogs like Lee's offer an invaluable service in helping many non-technical people get an independent viewpoint. Lee was also excellent in calling out some of the hype within industry.

“It is disappointing to see someone as dedicated and enthusiastic as Lee is about information security not getting a break into the industry. He will be a big loss to the community and I hope he can continue to contribute on some way. I wish him the very best in his future endeavours.”

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