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ThreatBLADE technology launched by Solera and parent Blue Coat

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Solera has announced the launch of ThreatBLADES to help protect against and resolve targeted attacks.

From parent Blue Coat, who announced the acquisition of Solera in May, ThreatBLADES unify threat intelligence, big data security analytics and security visibility to protect against zero-day, advance persistent, web and email threats, spear phishing attacks and malicious files and botnets.

They are integrated into the Solera Security Analytics Platform (formally Solera DeepSee) and are powered by the Blue Coat WebPulse Collaborative Defense system.


Three blades are offered: for malware analysis that detects, identifies and safely analyses suspected malware-infected files with integrated malware-detonation sandbox technology; WebThreat which incorporates IP and URL reputation intelligence to detect and defend against Web 2.0 threats, advanced persistent threat command-and-control call-backs, spear phishing attacks and botnets; and the FileThreat which uses WebPulse intelligence to guard against known viruses and malware embedded in virtually any file type.


The MalwareAnalysis BLADE is available as an on-premise or highly scalable cloud-based solution, and all will be available through a software update to the Solera Security Analytics Platform. All of the ThreatBLADES will be generally available in September.


Steve Shillingford, senior vice president and general manager of the advanced threat protection group at Blue Coat, said: “Organisations are under enormous pressure as cyber attacks continue to increase in number and severity. However, traditional security measures and novelty point solutions are no longer enough. A comprehensive and modern big data security platform is now a critical requirement.


“Our innovative solution, combining the Solera Platform with Blue Coat ThreatBLADES, provides a powerful, extensible platform to help organisations detect and analyse emerging threats while gaining 360-degree visibility into their networks.”

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