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by Peter Stephenson July 01, 2015

Cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services are the bane of most organisations because they are not, of themselves, secure. It's true that one can add other products to encrypt transfers and that is safer, but it also is less convenient, especially when one wants to share with a workgroup.

Tresorit is a powerful collaboration tool with solid security and lots of features that make it really valuable. This is not just a place in the cloud to store files. It is a secure repository with features that make it easy to use and universal in the audience it addresses. For example, one does not need a workgroup to be using Tresorit to share files with them. A file folder - called a "tresor" by the company - can be shared, as can the encrypted files in it, and it carries its properties with it. All a recipient needs is a web browser.

When we first looked at the user interface our immediate impression was that we were looking at the UI for a social media site. The pastel colors, the layout, everything just screamed social media to us. Why do that? The answer is simple: everyone is used to social media. Using Tresorit is almost ridiculously simple. The vendor thoughtfully provides a tutorial, rewarding users with more storage space if read through.

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