US government moves to prevent 'another WikiLeaks'

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US government moves to prevent 'another WikiLeaks'
US government moves to prevent 'another WikiLeaks'

The US government has issued an executive order to implement structural changes within government in order to avoid further WikiLeaks-style releases.

In an effort to better safeguard classified information and networks from insider threats and reduce the risk of future breaches, the order states that individual government agencies "bear the primary responsibility" for ensuring that classified information is safeguarded and shared appropriately.

The order, signed by President Barack Obama, is "in order to ensure the responsible sharing and safeguarding of classified national security information (classified information) on computer networks".

It said agencies that use classified networks must implement an insider threat detection and prevention program, designate a senior official to oversee information-sharing protections and perform self-assessments of compliance with standards.

Within agencies, a senior official is to be charged with overseeing classified information sharing and safeguarding efforts, while staff will be assigned as appropriate to the Classified Information Sharing and Safeguarding Office and the Insider Threat Task Force on an ongoing basis.

A steering committee will exercise overall responsibility and ensure senior-level accountability for the co-ordinated inter-agency development and implementation of policies and standards.

Chaired and attended by the heads of the Defense, Justice, Energy and Homeland Security departments, as well as US government offices, its responsibilities will be to establish government-wide goals, to annually review executive branch successes and shortcomings in achieving those goals, and make budget recommendations.

The Classified Information Sharing and Safeguarding Office will advise the steering committee, Insider Threat Task Force and other agencies and departments.

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