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v-Go Access Accelerator Suite


by Peter Stephenson September 01, 2009
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v-Go Access Accelerator Suite



c£41 per user for basic module (volume discounts apply)


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  • Strengths: Highly customisable, full-featured password management suite
  • Weaknesses: None that we found
  • Verdict: For this venerable product and its complementary product suite's power and value, it's no wonder that we rate it as our Best Buy this month

The v-Go Access Accelerator Suite is a full-scale, totally customisable password provisioning and management product. The suite comprises several modules that can integrate to provide solid account management. The v-Go client intelligently detects an application's request for credentials and appropriately responds for either a logon or password change for web, Windows, Java, SAP and mainframe applications. All credentials, including privileged administrative credentials, are securely stored in a centralised directory or database and can be populated through the leading identity-management solutions, so end-users need never know their application passwords.

Each module has to be installed on its own and integrated into the system. This was straightforward and each application had its own installation wizard. After installation, management is done via an administrative GUI. The consoles are all quite easy to use.

From the client side, this product is quite plug and play and integrates seamlessly into normal activities. The v-Client will automatically fill in the appropriate credentials for a user, and users can also check out administrative account credentials, if authorised, without ever knowing the password.

There are installation, configuration and administrator guides for each module, all well organised and easy to follow, with many instructions, screenshots and examples. The one document we would like is a basic overview of a full installation and the order to install the various modules.

Passlogix provides customers with 24/7 support via an annual support contract, which includes access to a live support engineer via phone, email or web case submission. Customers also have access to the Passportal support portal, which includes a knowledgebase, documentation, downloads and the ability to create and monitor support cases.

At a cost of c£41 per user for the basic suite and extra for additional modules, this product can become expensive. However, we find it excellent value for money, based on its feature-set and high flexibility.

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