Video: PIN is still the secret sauce for simple, effective security

David Poole, MYPINPAD (left) argues PINs still have a place in security
David Poole, MYPINPAD (left) argues PINs still have a place in security

As consumers interact with more and more websites, they are releasing ever increasing amounts of data about themselves, but how much care are the organisations collecting this data taking with consumers' profiles?

With 57 percent of businesses actively anticipating a data breach and many businesses simplifying their security checks, the answer is, not much.

We sat down with David Poole from MYPINPAD to discuss his company's thoughts about this.

Poole said that consumers are unwittingly exposing their confidential details to the world because of the incidence of data breaches. He also pointed out that cyber-criminals appear to be amalgamating data from different sources to create an even richer data set.

Further degrading security is the trend toward one-click shopping as retailers realise that complex security checks such as 3-D Secure result in unacceptably high levels of shopping cart abandonment.

What MYPINPAD claims to have found is that customers are willing to accept a little “friction” in the buying process to maintain their security, but it's a fine line between what's acceptable and what's simply too much hassle.

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