Breaches or compliance - what's the key driver for security in the cloud?

Everyone knows that compliance is not the same as security, but the key driver to get the board to spend on security or adopt money-saving technology has traditionally been to meet minimum compliance requirements. Until they get hacked.

Stop Ransomware In Its Tracks

Ransomware has become one of the most widespread and damaging threats internet users face today.

Stay out of the headlines: A Planned Path to Reducing Risk

Today's breaches all have a common attack vector - stolen usernames and passwords. Attackers are making major headway into our businesses with simple tactics that exploit our weakest points.

EU GDPR Planning - Prioritising your checklist

Will YOU be EU GDPR compliant on 25th May 2018? If you draw up your plan today you'll have 18 months to implement it. There are no extensions or extenuating circumstances - it's the law and applies to everyone with data on EU citizens.

How a reliable CA can help with the Certificate Lifecycle

Join us for a complimentary webinar that covers, in-depth, how a reliable CA helps with the certificate lifecycle.


Businesses Held Hostage: Are You Ready for a Ransomware Attack?

No organisation is immune to a ransomware attack. In recent months, nearly half of all malware blocked by Mimecast for its 20,000 customers has been ransomware.

Automation: The Future of Security Incident Response

The era of the mega breach is upon us. And it's had a seismic effect on global businesses. Many name-brand organisations are spending millions dealing with the aftermath of losing customer data or intellectual property, and others are working as hard as they can to avoid the type of media attention that no one wants.

Activated Charcoal - Making sense of endpoint data

Security operations is all about understanding and acting upon of large amounts of data.

How Trusted Identities can help you accelerate your Digital Business Transformation

We all know that in business today the old perimeter is gone. So too are the days of dealing strictly with your own employees, all housed under one roof.

Understand the threats to your BYOD strategy, and how you can ensure success

Regulations and policies to manage the security risk of personal devices are all well and good, but the underlying technology of BYOD also needs to be considered. How effective can BYOD security be?

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