Cyber security 2016: Take your security to the next level

Is your security programme ready for a future of "continuous compromise"? New advanced threats continue to emerge and evolve, while security professionals are struggling to maintain control over expanding devices and infrastructure. The security trends of 2015 build a concerning picture for security professionals - harder to detect attacks, slower response times, more security tools to manage, more data to analyse.

How to build a World-Class Threat Intelligence capability from scratch

Threat intelligence is a broad subject and the natural tendency is to produce intelligence on any topic or event regardless of its applicability to the company.

Cyber Security - Beyond Belief

In this webcast, Principal Security Analyst, Carl Leonard, digs deep into the Raytheon|Websense threat intelligence network to reveal some cyber security facts that you will find hard to believe. Carl will also give his predictions on how he expects the threat landscape to develop through 2016.

The good, the bad and the secure of mobile identities

Entrust Datacard's Jason Soroko takes a look at mobile identity, system architecture, threats and best security practices for mobile application development


Layered security: Devices, Applications, Data & networks

We've had BYOD for some time now, and outside of the military, enforcement of company policy remains a problem, as staff don't take kindly to being told what they can do on their own device - and even more so when those devices are measuring personal data about health and fitness.

Mobile Security in The Age of Information Everywhere

With data now held or accessed from beyond the perimeter, in Cloud service or apps accessed via mobile devices, how do you enable business growth while meeting your data protection, security and industry compliance obligations?

What does the proposed EU Data Protection regulations mean to you

The proposed European Data Protection Directive is a proposed update to the current Data Protection laws from 1995 and applies to all member states.

Securing your website to protect brand reputation

Customers are doing more and more business online. Nearly 76% of the UK population shops online and over half bank online. However, websites are constantly under attack.

Enterprise security is about to get dramatically simpler

SC Magazine UK, in association with our partner Ixia, will explore changing the landscape of network security via powerful new front lines of defence for enterprises worldwide.

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