Uncovering security performance myths & realities with BitSight security ratings

Organizations have long struggled to find objective ways to measure and compare performance, leaving many executives to trust metrics and data points that may not be painting the clearest picture of security posture. With increased oversight from boards and regulating bodies, it's more important than ever for security teams to be able to accurately portray their strengths and weaknesses in this crucial area.

Building a sophisticated endpoint defence strategy with full security lifecycle protection

Attackers are more sophisticated than they've ever been. They're targeting our intellectual property, sensitive customer information, user information and much more.

Got a Minute? That's all it takes to understand and remediate threats.

Achieving faster response times - this is what IT Managers strive for every day. Manual information feeds, human intervention and excel dashboards can be the reason for response delays in a well-established and organized IT department. But how do you overcome these delays and minimize the time from detection to protection?

The Insider Threat Report - Europe. Areas of concern for 2015 and beyond

Information is the life blood of modern business - and increasingly under attack from both traditional insiders motivated by financial gain, and external hackers that compromise insider accounts for criminal purposes and nation state goals


Best practices for application security

Increased pressure to innovate, rapidly develop new applications, and adopt new technologies is increasing the security risk to business applications and systems. It is a very real and present risk. The number of security breaches reported is escalating - between 2013 and 2014 alone attacks grew by 120% - and the threat of an attack is more pertinent today than ever before.

How next generation trusted identities can help transform your business

Identity is critical to today's connected enterprise, underpinning all aspects of work life, from entering the office, accessing the corporate network to verifying and approving workflows and transactions.

Securing #GenMobile: Is your business running the risk?

Enterprise security risk is directly linked to user demographics, industry and geography. Successful security strategies must address all of these and not technology alone.

Understanding SSL best practices

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is under attack. In the last year, new vulnerabilities have been uncovered that allows malicious attackers to undermine security that organisations put in place to protect themselves and their end users sensitive information. SSL is a cornerstone for organisations doing business online, ensuring data confidentiality and trusted identification of websites. The good news is that there are quick and easy ways to mitigate against these new threats that have recently been identified.

Running windows server 2003 in a post-support world

Even with the imminent end of support for Windows Server 2003 (W2K3), you may still be planning to continue running W2K3 in production. But with a never-ending stream of new exploits, vulnerabilities, and zero-day malware, how can you continue to maintain control and keep those systems safe and secure?