UK Economy Under Siege: Business and Economic Consequences of Inadequate Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks cost UK businesses £18 billion in lost revenue and £16 billion in increased IT spending per year as a result of breaches. And the issue is widespread, 81 percent of UK businesses reported a breach in 2014.

Intrusion vs. Breach: How security analytics & automated response can improve your chances of avoiding a breach

60% of breached organisations included in the 2015 Verizon DBIR were initially compromised within minutes, and yet for most of those organisations it took hundreds of days to detect the intruders. Fortunately, an intrusion does not equal a breach. In fact, there are usually several steps that typically follow an initial compromise before the bad guys get away with the goods or disrupt a critical service.

Before the kill chain: What attackers are doing and how you can spot them

Attackers can't hide on the Internet—in fact, they leave behind fingerprints in areas you may not realize. Prior to launching an attack, the bad guys need to set up servers, obtain IP addresses, and register domains to use in the campaign. This often happens before they perform reconnaissance on their targets or create the malware payload. All of this activity leaves clues about the attackers.


Understanding SSL/TLS best practices and application protection

Websites are under attack. In the last year, new vulnerabilities have been uncovered that allows malicious attackers to undermine security that organizations put in place to protect themselves and their end users sensitive information.

Choosing the right Secure File Transfer vendor in today's heightened security & compliance landscape

Info-Tech Director of Advisory Services in Security & Risk, James McCloskey will discuss the key risk and compliance considerations that organizations can no longer overlook when moving data assets both inside, and outside the firewall.

Shared responsibility: Securing the cloud

Organisations turn to cloud precisely because it allows both flexibility and scalability. But, many still view cloud - and cloud vendors - with trepidation, pointing to security issues, such as last year's iCloud breach, which revealed nude celebrity photos and consequently dominated the headlines in 2014.

Modern threats require modern user authentication - Is it time to step up yours?

Passwords are no longer enough to keep your data safe. You know it, we know it, and the hackers certainly know it as they exploit weak or stolen passwords in more than 75 percent of all network breaches.

The Insider Threat Report - Europe. Areas of concern for 2015 and beyond

Information is the life blood of modern business - and increasingly under attack from both traditional insiders motivated by financial gain, and external hackers that compromise insider accounts for criminal purposes and nation state goals

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