Global Security Performance: How Top Nations Stack Up

How do some of the most prominent nations in the international economy differ in cybersecurity performance? As organizations increasingly open offices offshores, their networks face global security threats.

What are The most important things you need to know about Enterprise Mobility Management?

Learn how to take an integrated, comprehensive approach to managing and securing mobile devices, the content they contain, the applications and mobile transactions they deliver - while enabling and not hindering users.


The key role threat intelligence can play in your cyber security strategy

Information security is ultimately focused on one key goal: reduction of risks. Risks of data loss, reputation damage, and disruption to the productivity of your organisation. But what drives the actions of your security teams?

Overcoming the challenges presented by mobility in the enterprise

There are now two stakeholders on every mobile device used by employees: the enterprise and the user. Old-style tools have become inadequate to enforce corporate control. If users don't like them, they get around them, including sharing data back and forth between apps. That's because consumerisation of IT means personal devices and apps now have corporate levels functionality.

Intelligent Security Automation: Making time for pro-activity

Chances are that over time you've added layers of security controls which have resulted in a growing number of alerts that need investigation. Analytics are key to threat resolution but effective cyber security is no longer a human scale process. With each new layer of defence the volume of alerts has grown to the point where only automation can help SOC analyst keep pace.

Tracking the most significant cyber threat: Ransomware

Imagine losing access to all of your critical data — only to find out you are being extorted by criminals who require payment in order to get it back. This is happening at an alarming rate and is commonly referred to as Ransomware.

A new vision for CISOs - Unprecedented visibility of your attack surface

According to a 2015 Gartner report, enterprises are shifting security budgets to security management platforms that integrate existing technologies, unify data from multiple vendors, provide greater insight through advanced analytics and enable security operations teams to automate and prioritise activities.

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