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Defending Against the Rogue: Technology Solutions to Address unwanted Users, Devices and Applications

Securing your network against unwanted and unknown threats has become mission critical. Many organisations, however are in the dark as to what is on their network - making it impossible to control access and mitigate risk.

Hiding in Plain Sight - What's Really Happening on Your Network

Palo Alto Networks invites you to join us for this exclusive webinar where we will analyze the intertwined relationship between cyber attacks and applications based on recent data collected from over 1,499 networks in Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Russia and the Baltics.


Cybersecurity - Best Practices for Protecting Identities and Assets

Cybersecurity, or more accurately cybersecurity breaches, have been in the headlines for months now. Headlines aside, threats are increasing in number while also becoming more sophisticated. Join us for this webinar to learn more about about the types of threats that exist and how you can defend against them.

Hunting Attackers with Network Audit Trails

Find out how to detect sophisticated cyber attacks using network logging technologies (e.g. NetFlow and IPFIX). See how you can use these technologies to create an audit trail of network activity.

A Malicious Insider's Guide to Compromising Encrypted Networks

IT administrators and external contractors are trusted insiders with privileged access rights that often times have the broadest access to organization's critical business information, which is usually transmitted in encrypted form. This blinds forensic teams from knowing what exactly they are actually doing, posing a potential threat.

Applications Matter; So Should Application Security

Join Matt Schofield and Jason Smith to understand how NTT Com Security and F5 Networks are applying both process and technology to help customers create and maintain an application security strategy designed not to obstruct the business.

Breached? It's "When" not "If" - Accelerating Detection and Response via Security Intelligence

How can you gain better visibility, sooner to the signs that you've been breached or that you're the target of an advanced threat?

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