Tom Reeve,
Apr 27, 2017
The CEO and CTO of nomx LLC has vigorously defended his product against claims that it is not secure after it was hacked by British security researchers Prof Alan Woodward and Scott Helme.

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Apr 28, 2017
Michael Marriott discusses how security leaders can address and mitigate the rising threat of fake mobile apps.

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Threat Intelligence is Dead. Long Live Threat Intelligence!

17th May at 2:00pm BST || Join us as we discuss what true Threat Intelligence is, and secondly, how your organisation can effectively integrate Threat Intelligence...


Threat Intelligence is Dead. Long Live Threat Intelligence!

Threat Intelligence is a very hot topic at the moment and many organisations are looking to establish their own Threat Intelligence capabilities. Everybody wants their own reliable, comprehensive and actionable feed of Threat Intelligence that can inform and bolster their cyber-security controls, but with such a vast multitude of available indicators, how do you make sense of them all?

In this live webcast, Rafe Pilling, Senior Researcher with the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), cuts through the hype to explain firstly, what true Threat Intelligence is, and secondly, how your organisation can effectively integrate Threat Intelligence into your cyber defences.

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Vendor Webcast

How to do Flow-Based Security Monitoring at 100G

18th May at 2:00pm BST || Are you ready to detect threats at any speed?


How to do Flow-Based Security Monitoring at 100G

The ability to detect threats at any speed is a challenge, but with networks now operating at 40G and 100G, these challenges become even more complex. And with a severe lack of commercial offerings capable of meeting industry demands, many enterprises and cloud service providers are driven to build their own security solutions. But how do you build an efficient solution that provides complete traffic visibility at 100G?
Join this webinar to hear ntop founder Luca Deri explain how they helped a global hyperscale Internet company do just that. By developing a 1:1 NetFlow solution with zero packet loss, they successfully enabled complete and efficient traffic visibility, even at 100G.
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Verdict: This is an excellent approach to first phase interdiction for ransomware attacks and shows a solid understanding of the ransomware process and how to manage its delivery through phishing.

Sophos Intercept X and Endpoint Protection

Verdict: This is a solid anti-ransomware tool, priced right and well-supported. It certainly deserves your attention. We make this our Recommended product for multi-featured products this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete

Verdict: This is absolutely a world-class anti-ransomware product in a world-class ecosystem. Using the associated products, you can build out a solid security framework in your enterprise. For its completeness and solid competence, we make this our Best Buy this month.

WatchPoint CryptoStopper

Verdict: A promising product not quite ready for prime time.

Barracuda NextGen Firewall, Backup and Web Security Gateway

Verdict: This is not for the faint-hearted, but if you opt for this you can be assured that it and Barracuda will serve you very well, indeed.

SC Magazine Recommended

Mimecast Email Security Gateway with Target Threat Protection

Verdict: Because this is a rather specialised approach to the ransomware problem and, in our experience, one of a very small handful of services that get this right, we make this one our Recommend product for specialised products this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Anomali ThreatStream

Verdict: Solid threat intelligence product with a prodigious collection of resources. Fits well into just about threat and intelligence analysis tool set. At a price that is hard to beat, we make this our best Buy.

SurfWatch Threat Analyst

Verdict: In a sensitive environment – such as a financial institution that can afford the resource – this is a very solid contender. There is a whole lot to like about it and it may be one of the most powerful tools on the market.


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