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Jun 23, 2017
In Case You Missed It: Global cybersec ranking; US$1m ransom paid in S Korea; GCSE computing entrants fall; UK GDPR laggard, Women shortfall

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Jun 23, 2017
Nicola Whiting explains why the defence sector is turning to automated cyber-security to win the fight against cyber-criminals and state-sponsored hackers.

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Using Augmented Intelligence to address the human element

29th June at 2:00pm BST || So how do you spot a criminal operating on your network with legitimate credentials, and avoid blaming innocent staff – or catch the...


Using Augmented Intelligence to address the human element

Today’s information-rich enterprise needs a 360 view of its data, under 24 hour analysis to spot anomalies and actions that contravene agreed policies and behaviours - in essence the who, what, when and where of your critical data.
And when it comes to the ‘who’, you need to identify and address the human element in your network security to safeguard your organisation, its customers and your staff.
So how do you spot a criminal operating on your network with legitimate credentials, and avoid blaming innocent staff – or catch the malicious staffer gone bad?  
By using augmented intelligence to leverage brain power with processing power, combining human experience with machine powered pattern recognition in big data to multiply the results achieved by your best staff.
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BeyondTrust Retina CS

Verdict: Solid vulnerability management tool that could become a bit pricey in a large environment.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager

Verdict: This one demands your attention. At a very reasonable price point, we make this our Best Buy this month.

SC Magazine Recommended

SAINT Security Suite

Verdict: This is a tool that you can add to your environment almost regardless of what else you are using. It not only plays well with others, such as risk management tools, it is a powerhouse in its own right. Recommended. Vulnerability Management

Verdict: Well worth your time. This is a company with solid experience in the technology – and it shows.

SC Magazine Recommended

Skybox Security Suite

Verdict: We weren’t sure about this one until we acclimated to how it really works (as opposed to how we thought that it should work). Given that this truly is a beast of a different color, we are classing it by itself and a vulnerability analytics and workflow management tool and ...

Tripwire IP360

Verdict: This one demands your attention. With its ability to cut through vulnerability noise, using its analytics and configuration options to its massive scalability, this works for just about any size enterprise.

SC Magazine Lab Approved

AlienVault Unified Security Management USM Appliance

Verdict: Not much to say here besides that this product is SC Lab Approved and that is our highest award. This is one of the best UTMs we’ve tested and over long periods of use it has delivered very well. We make it SC Lab Approved for another year.


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