Max Metzger,
Jun 28, 2017
Researchers claim to have found a 'killswitch' for NotPetya, but there seems to be disagreement over what to call it.

Executive Insight

Jun 29, 2017
Joe Kim challenges expert concerns that connected devices are more vulnerable to attacks by pointing at the early appreciation of the threat and massive investment in cyber-defence.

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Vendor Webcast

Your GDPR Plan: 4 Steps to Bolster Security & Meet Compliance

12th July at 2:00pm BST || GDPR will impact both your organisation and the way you think about its security but where do you start?


Your GDPR Plan: 4 Steps to Bolster Security & Meet Compliance

25th May, 2018, will mark the enforcement of the first comprehensive overhaul of European data protection legislation in over twenty years. The critical date is looming ever closer, and the amount of attention on the General Data Protection Regulation and speculation over whether some of the world’s largest organisations will meet the deadline is growing rapidly. And deservedly so, it’s a big deal. Ultimately, the GDPR will impact both your organisation and the way you think about its security.  But where do you start?  What should organisations be doing to ensure that they are taking positive steps towards compliance, but also generating enough urgency internally to be able to achieve this goal? Join Hadi Hosn, Head of Security Strategy and GRC Consulting and Resident GDPR Practitioner in EMEA for SecureWorks, as he reviews the GDPR basics, what they mean for your business, and the steps you can be taking now on your journey to compliance. Whether you are just starting to think about GDPR, looking for help on where to go next, or raising awareness and reinforcing the importance of the GDPR in your organisation, this webcast is for you. In this webcast you will learn:
  • GDPR basics – what you need to know
  • What the regulation means for businesses
  • The SecureWorks point of view
  • The SecureWorks approach to achieving GDPR Compliance
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    Vendor Webcast

    Dealing with the Storm – The U.K.’s 2017 Data Threat Landscape

    13th July at 2:00pm BST || There is a data storm coming your way, make sure you are prepared for the storm!


    Dealing with the Storm – The U.K.’s 2017 Data Threat Landscape

    Enterprises in U.K. are experiencing a storm of global proportions around their data – It starts with a growing need for data to power business growth, and expands with strict regulatory requirements, advanced technology deployments and escalating cyber-attacks – and it’s putting their data at risk.

    In this webinar we’ll look deeply into the results for the 5th annual 2017 Thales Data Threat report, with a focus on the results for the U.K. and comparisons against global competitors.  Learn both about the threats, but also about what enterprises are doing about them – and best practice recommendations from IT security analysts at 451 Research.

    • How data breaches keep growing in spite of increased IT security spend – and what some of the reasons for that trend are
    • How advanced technologies such as Containers, IoT, Big Data and Cloud change the required approach to protecting critical and sensitive information
    • How new data privacy regulations are shaping enterprise plans for data security
    • What barriers enterprises encounter to deploying and using data security tools – and how to overcome them


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    BeyondTrust Retina CS

    Verdict: Solid vulnerability management tool that could become a bit pricey in a large environment.

    SC Magazine Best Buy

    Digital Defense Frontline Vulnerability Manager

    Verdict: This one demands your attention. At a very reasonable price point, we make this our Best Buy this month.

    SC Magazine Recommended

    SAINT Security Suite

    Verdict: This is a tool that you can add to your environment almost regardless of what else you are using. It not only plays well with others, such as risk management tools, it is a powerhouse in its own right. Recommended.

    Tenable.io Vulnerability Management

    Verdict: Well worth your time. This is a company with solid experience in the technology – and it shows.

    SC Magazine Recommended

    Skybox Security Suite

    Verdict: We weren’t sure about this one until we acclimated to how it really works (as opposed to how we thought that it should work). Given that this truly is a beast of a different color, we are classing it by itself and a vulnerability analytics and workflow management tool and ...

    Tripwire IP360

    Verdict: This one demands your attention. With its ability to cut through vulnerability noise, using its analytics and configuration options to its massive scalability, this works for just about any size enterprise.

    SC Magazine Lab Approved

    AlienVault Unified Security Management USM Appliance

    Verdict: Not much to say here besides that this product is SC Lab Approved and that is our highest award. This is one of the best UTMs we’ve tested and over long periods of use it has delivered very well. We make it SC Lab Approved for another year.


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