Tom Reeve,
May 24, 2017
The Netherlands has made great strides in implementing its cyber-security strategy, says latest CRI report, but still needs to address issues with funding and decision-making.

Executive Insight

May 24, 2017
David Cohen informs the C-Suite why it should care about SHA-1 and identifies three key questions they should be asking their cyber-security team.

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De-Perimeterisation and Going Beyond Multi-Factor Authentication

13th June at 2:00pm BST || Learn about how business environments can use MFA on the road to de-perimeterisation and zero-trust models to improve internal security...


De-Perimeterisation and Going Beyond Multi-Factor Authentication

Once you have multi-factor authentication (MFA) installed, how do you take it further in your overall access control programme? 

The idea of getting rid of the perimeter can be intimidating for businesses to contemplate, especially if they’ve only recently solidified one. So let’s not think of it as getting rid of the perimeter, but rather as tightening security on the inside so that the perimeter isn’t the only thing keeping the attacker at bay.

If you’re already in the hybrid environment -- with some of your infrastructure on-premises and some in the cloud -- it’s time to think about re-balancing your security policies, because you already have assets that aren’t within your perimeter.
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SC Magazine Lab Approved

AlienVault Unified Security Management USM Appliance

Verdict: Not much to say here besides that this product is SC Lab Approved and that is our highest award. This is one of the best UTMs we’ve tested and over long periods of use it has delivered very well. We make it SC Lab Approved for another year.

EventTracker SIEMphonic

Verdict: Especially for organisations with limited expertise in applying all of the things a SIEM can do to protect their enterprises, this product is a must-see. However, any size organisation can benefit by considering this as part of its security stack.

Fortinet FortiSIEM

Verdict: There is a lot to getting this one up and running, but once it’s up and you have the things you want to monitor plugged in, this one of the most complete SIEMs we’ve seen.

SC Magazine Best Buy

CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server

Verdict: We like this a lot, especially for SMBs, although larger organisations certainly should not rule it out as too small. It’s not. For its value and feature set, as well as the efforts to improve and keep the product ahead of the curve, we make this our Best Buy.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager ESM

Verdict: Since this already is SC Lab Approved, we can’t give it a higher rating. We like this well enough that we are extending its SC Lab Approved designation for another year. It continues to be our key analysis tool.

SC Magazine Recommended

LogRhythm Threat Lifecycle Management Platform

Verdict: This is an important contender for your SOC SIEM. It will take data from just about anything you need to monitor and it includes solid third-party threat feed access. This is our Recommended product.

Sophos XG Firewall

Verdict: This demands your attention no matter what size your organisation. There are models to cover most requirements.

Splunk Enterprise Security

Verdict: This is a product with which you pretty much can’t go wrong, especially since it integrates with most products that need the log management and analysis that it does. It is sort of a SIEM’s SIEM.


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