Privacy & Compliance
Roi Perez,
Feb 27, 2017
A 2012-commissioned review of the storage of some 19 million photographs of ex-suspects found to be innocent says the Police only need delete them at the request of the subject.
Feb 27, 2017
Noam Rosenfeld discusses how forensics is used to understand the scale of a breach, damage done and the cyber-criminal who committed the offence.

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The New Enterprise Security Model: How to Prevent, Detect and Respond

7th March at 2:00pm GMT || In this webinar, we’ll review the current landscape of security challenges.


The New Enterprise Security Model: How to Prevent, Detect and Respond

In today’s computing world, the nature of the network perimeter has changed. The threat of data breaches is growing and CISOs are faced with a monumental challenge: securing information wherever it resides, without interfering with the productivity of the increasingly mobile and connected workforce. The ramifications of poor cloud security decisions have become a boardroom issue. In this webinar, we’ll review the current landscape of security challenges and discuss:

  • How adopting cloud solutions improves your security posture;

  • Why effective security measures start with a great user experience;

  • Why contextual user access data is the key to unlocking smarter security policies

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Catbird Secure

Verdict: This has long been one of our favourite products and it is well worth considering.

CloudPassage Halo

Verdict: Good, well though-out tool and, if you are looking for out-of-the-box compliance capabilities, this one demands your attention.

SC Magazine Recommended

FireMon FortyCloud

Verdict: A powerful tool with a clear and important mission that it fulfills well. We make this our Recommended product this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

GuardiCore Centra

Verdict: This is one of the best tools of its type that we’ve seen. It is comprehensive, reliable and easy to use. We make it our Best Buy.

NNT Change Tracker Generation 7

Verdict: For the change management required for compliance in just about all regulatory requirements, this is a very strong contender.

Allgress Insight Risk Manager

Verdict: Well worth looking at for those with a need for a complete risk management tool.

Tufin Orchestration Suite

Verdict: We would like to see some form of auto discovery beyond what is available currently. Verdict: this one is well worth your time, but be sure that you have everything on your enterprise identified so that the Suite can access it and collect data.

Modulo Risk Manager

Verdict: This is a gold standard of GRC systems. It has all of the bells and whistles that you need and just about nothing that you don’t.


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EU Data Protection Regulation: Encryption Should Be Default Option

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The Mimecast Email Security Risk Assessment 2017

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