01 Communique Laboratory has announced the release of the SecurePC and SecureKEY for the remote access solution ‘I'm InTouch'.

Using the SecurePC and the I'm InTouch remote access solution, employees can control their office workstations virtually over the internet and negates any risk of data leakage from a lost laptop as no data or files are transferred to the SecurePC. All company information remains safe and secure behind the corporate firewall.


Meanwhile SecureKEY is a USB security enhancement device that physically authenticates the user throughout the entire remote access session. If the user's SecureKEY is not present in the SecurePC, no remote access to the workstation is possible, even if the correct password has been provided.


01 Communique claim that the I'm InTouch remote access platform is designed to balance security and usability to make working on distant workstations no different from working on local ones.


01 Communique president and CEO Andrew Cheung, said: “We have eliminated the possibility of data loss or unauthorised access, and at the same time, we have not compromised performance or convenience.”


Using a new Smart Viewer, the SecurePC replicates the remote workstation's entire desktop on the SecurePC. The Smart Viewer uses all available space on the SecurePC display to ensure maximum clarity and readability.