Europol and a variety of law enforcement around Europe were involved in an affair leading to 12 people being arrested for using remote access Trojans (RATs).

Operation Falling sTAR was carried out in the span of two weeks according to Europol in order to crackdown on cyber-crime, mostly by tech-savvy young adults. The movement called for the search of numerous homes, the taking of many computers and internet accounts, and in addition the arrest of 12 individuals, still in their teens or early 20s, from France, Norway and Romania.

EU citizens that were suspected of improperly using RATs to commit cyber-crime were identified with the help provided to authorities in various European countries by the European Cyber-Crime Centre (EC3). Participating countries also worked in the foundation of EMPACT that aims at cyber-crime that affects Europe's critical infrastructure and IT systems. 

Wil van Gemert, deputy director of operations for Europol, said, “The very technologies that empower people in everyday situations can be exploited to target and harm unsuspecting victims. As crimes committed online remain an urgent and increasing challenge, law enforcement agencies have to join forces across borders and act in unison to protect the users and prevent young individuals from pursuing a criminal path.”