123-reg suffers major DDoS attack

News by Roi Perez

Web hosting provider 123-reg has been hit by a 30Gbps+ DDoS attack between 10.10am and 10.40am yesterday morning.

Its servers managed to stay online thanks to the company's DDoS protection, however critical applications such as email, control panels and websites (including 123-reg's own website) were down for a large number of customers.

The company said in a statement: “An attack of this size is very large, about 10 percent of DDoS attacks are in the 30Gbps range, and most of those are targeted at larger infrastructure providers rather than web hosts such as 123 Reg.”

It went on to explain: “For those not knowing what a DDoS is, it can be viewed in many ways. An easy visualisation is motorway of traffic; if everyone decides to travel the M20 at the same time, traffic builds up. A DDoS in this example would be bringing millions of cars on to the motorway, causing a lot of traffic. Think of the recent hold-ups en-route to Dover a few weeks ago.”

Wieland Alge, VP and GM EMEA at Barracuda Networks told SCMagazineUK.com: "30 minutes may seem like an effective response time against such a powerful DDoS attack, however a survey from IDC last year found that the average cost of critical application failure was between £375,000 to £750,000 per hour, so every second counts when critical systems like email are down.


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