CIA Director John Brennan
CIA Director John Brennan

In an interview with The Daily Dot, the alleged teenage hacker named ‘Cracka' who claims to be the hacker that got into CIA Director John Brennan's AOL account, cracked jokes about still being alive, then asked the reporter not to tell anyone that.

Hacking group “Crackas With Attitude” and its leader ‘Cracka' told the New York Post that he had socially engineered his way into Brennan's personal AOL account.

This was later confirmed when law enforcement officials admitted Brennan's personal email had been compromised. There's no word on whether or not he is in trouble for using an AOL address to discuss CIA matters.

WikiLeaks later published emails and contacts from Brennan's AOL account. Claiming to be aged on 13 years of age, Cracka says he's the one who gave them to WikiLeaks. “The feds kept deleting all leaks so with wikileaks publishing them, they can't delete them,” he said.

Wanting to set the record straight, he got in touch with the Daily Dot to explain: “Would appreciate it if you didn't tell anybody i was still alive,”.

When asked why he wanted to appear to be dead, Cracka responded: “Because [Crackas With Attitude] are going dark, don't tell anybody i spoke to you…”, when asked for a reason he said “We're going dark because we have every usa agency after us ^.^”.

According to the Daily Dot, Cracka fears he is about to be v& AKA “vanned”, or to the layman, being raided by law enforcement in the near future. Speaking on the possibility of this happening he said: “meh, theres nothing I can do.”

The Daily Dot asked Cracka what his classmates might think of him when they find out he carried out the hack, Cracka responded, “theyll think im a fucking nerd.”

Halfway through the Daily Dot interview, Cracka asked if his quotes were going to be published in an article. When told yes, Cracka unleashed a rant about another hacker, The Jester, who has been critical of Cracka. A hacker beef, if you like.

“[T]he jester is a fucking retard with greasy hair and he's mad cuz he was too fat to join the army,” Cracka said. “[H]es jealous and fat hes always been butthurt that people can do more than him, when i get raided, i bet you he takes credit when really he's a fat crackhead loser.”

In an private Twitter message to the Daily Dot, The Jester refuted Cracka's claims and said that he and Cracka have had multiple “run ins” over the past few years.

“He's a former [Team Poison] member, and we've had run ins before. He's very good at giving his game away lol. So are his friends,” The Jester said. “They are not helping him. But no, he's ranting, as I'm sure you can tell, and he's talking shit.”“This bullshit has been going on for years,” he added.

When asked about his history with hackers and computers, Cracka told The Daily Dot about his thirst for knowledge “meh, i like to chill and learn so i usually just chill and learn.”

According to the Daily Dot, Cracka ended the conversation with an ominous “O sht,” not responding to any further questions.