Thanks to the rising growth of Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) adoption, companies are successfully fighting off attacks. As companies thwart phishing attacks and domain spoofing, they're also forcing cyber-criminals to abandon preferred targets.

Research from Return Path for the 2016 DMARC Intelligence Report gathered results from 1,000 global brands and discovered that 29 percent have adopted DMARC, a 24 percent increase in the past year.

Many regions show a strong increase on a year-by-year basis, however North America holds the highest adoption rate at 42 percent.

Social media continues to lead the fight against phishing attacks with an adoption rate of 59 percent, up from 51 percent last year.

Despite being some of the most heavily phished industries, key sectors such as banking, retail and healthcare are still proving slow in adopting DMARC, which could put their brands and customers at risk.

Robert Holmes, general manager, email fraud protection at Return Path commented: “As more security email gateways enable DMARC, we will see more organisations leveraging the protocol to reject emails that spoof their domains to deceive employees, a particularly effective tactic in CEO to CFO wire fraud attacks.”

Steve Jones, executive director at, commented: “As adoption continues to accelerate through 2016, DMARC will be seen as a prerequisite for any organisation that wants to engage its customers and partners via the email channel.”