33% of ITDMs rank cloud storage scalability at their #1 wish in 2017

News by Danielle Correa

One third of IT decision makers (ITDMs) rank cloud storage scalability as their number one wish in 2017.

One third of IT decision makers (ITDMs) rank cloud storage scalability as their number one wish in 2017.

New research from Zadara® Storage underscored the IT industry's need for cloud storage that can instantly and symmetrically scale up or down to meet business requirements, as a key challenge to growth in 2017. The survey included responses from 400 IT leaders in Germany, the UK and the US.

The rest of the 2017 wish list included:

  • Obtain stronger service level agreements (SLAs) from my organisation's cloud storage vendor (17 percent).

  • Deploy new storage hardware (13 percent).

  • Deploy storage-as-a-service to make management easier (11 percent).

  • Enjoy important storage updates in the cloud that are also available on-premise (11 percent).

  • Employ other strategies including features to complete mundane storage tasks (nine percent), getting new storage software to provision the organisation's data (seven percent) and other options such as budgeting and process improvement assistance (one percent).

  • Twice as many US IT leaders wished for stronger SLAs than their counterparts in Germany.

    German IT leaders ranked the need to get services to complete mundane storage tasks markedly higher at 14 percent total, compared to nine percent in the UK and just six percent in the US. German respondents were also interested in obtaining important on-premise features in the cloud, ranking this as the second most important item they would wish for in 2017 (15 percent).

    This research demonstrates that whether in the public or private cloud, ITDMs need a flexible, scalable and reliable data storage solution first and foremost.

    In emailed commentary to SC Media UK, Noam Shendar, COO at Zadara Storage said, “The industry survey has revealed that, regardless of whether they are using the private or public cloud, IT decision makers in the UK are seeking out solutions that are flexible, reliable and supported by strong service level agreements. As you might expect with exponential data growth, another key finding of the survey is that IT decision makers in the UK want a data storage solution that can rapidly adapt to their organisation's requirements over time, even if those requirements are unforeseen.”

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