Following its security worries at the start of this week, Tesco has been offered a complementary ticket to attend the three days of the main 44Con conference in September.

In an open letter, the 44Con organisers said that for every person Tesco registers for any one of the training courses, they will extend to them a complementary ticket to attend the whole three days of the main 44Con conference.

The letter said: “Recently there's been a lot of discussion on the twittersphere about Tesco email password security. Sadly, this has extended to discussions about the Tesco website itself.

“While we're sure you take information security very seriously we thought we'd do the right thing and try to help. After all, many of the crew are Tesco customers who, after seeing some of the problems being highlighted are rightfully concerned about shopping online. There's been a lot of negative commentary about Tesco and it's clear things could be improved, so we're just trying to do our bit.”

The conference is in its second year and will include a number of industry speakers and training courses. The letter said: “By sending the right people to the right courses, they'll be in a better position to address these alleged vulnerabilities, as would anyone who wants to learn more about the dark arts and ‘black ops‘ of pen testing. Should the worst happen, we even have courses to help you prepare, detect and respond.

“Rest assured, we will not disclose your employer on your name badge, nor will it be shared. We just wanted to help out and had no direct way of contacting you. Feel free to contact us directly and we'll take care of the rest.”

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