Almost half (46 percent) of UK consumers would sacrifice their membership to the gym over their internet connection. polled 1,125 consumers in the UK and discovered that only five percent would be satisfied to hold back on broadband services. Meanwhile, 21 percent are willing to cut back on dining out and 17 percent would be happy to cut back on television.

Only four percent of UK consumers are willing to sacrifice their mobile phone spends. This doesn't come as a surprise since recent statistics show that 40 million people in the UK used their mobile device for internet access on a daily basis in 2015.

“The results of this survey clearly demonstrate the importance of broadband to the nation. Being so heavily involved in this industry gives you an insight into the thoughts and concerns of UK consumers. Broadband has become an integral part of British society, and not just for browsing and downloading media at home,” said Sebastien Lahtinen, co-founder of