Different sample groups offer different figures for the extent of breaches.  A new report found almost two thirds (58 percent) of UK companies reported data breaches in the last two years, with 37 percent of these attacks on business data integrity reported to have been a deliberate act from within the company.


GFI Software and Infinigate UK commissioned the new research on data security by surveying IT decision makers from UK-based organisations with 200 to 1,000 employees from a range of industries.


The main challenges to IT security reported were lack of management buy-in (54 percent), insufficient internal resources and skills (48 percent), budget limitations (43 percent) and lack of suitable solutions (29 percent). The main drivers of change in the IT security world were identified as The Data Protection Act (53 percent) and ISO 27001 standard (52 percent).


Most (81 percent) respondents said that preventing data breaches, along with increasing cloud security, are among their company's highest priorities. On the other hand, 89 percent of respondents' organisations undertake a review of their IT security when a high-profile breach is reported in the press.


“The survey also revealed that only nine percent of the total IT budgets is dedicated to IT security, which is not nearly enough, especially with the constantly rising level of security threats, particularly ransomware,” said Sergio Galindo, COO at GFI Software.


“New trends are bringing new challenges to IT managers out there. Sixty one percent of surveyed organisations already have a BYOD policy in place, allowing employees to access internal resources through privately-owned mobile devices, and 71 percent of them are identifying Internet of Things as the next major threat to IT security,” said Chris Payne, senior technical consultant at Infinigate UK.