70% of malicious files undetected by antivirus products

News by Ashley Carmen

Four of the most common antivirus (AV) products were unable to recognise 70 percent of malicious files, a new report from Damballa has found.

From January to October 2014, the company had files it had detected as malicious scanned by four AV products. Within the first hour, the products missed close to 70 percent of the malware. After 23 hours, 34 percent of the malware was still being missed. Within a month, only seven percent of the malicious files were being missed; however, it took more than six months for the AV products to identify 100 percent of the malicious files.

Brian Foster, CTO, Damballa, explained to SCMagazine.com that the missed malware relates to how AV products begin to recognise malicious files. Although AV makers share their malicious file findings among one another, it takes time to integrate.

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