patch flaw vulnerability
patch flaw vulnerability

Eighty percent of IT professionals have implemented a patch policy to enhance their organisation's security.


New research from Shavlik was conducted to uncover issues related to endpoint security and patching for IT pros. Survey respondents included 178 IT pros at VMworld Europe 2016.


Seventy-seven percent of respondents said that Microsoft OS represents the biggest challenge in terms of patching operating systems, and 59 percent stated that Oracle is the most challenging third party application.


The most difficult application to update was Java, according to 59 percent of respondents. A few others included Adobe Reader/Flash Player (38 percent), Google Chrome (21 percent), Firefox (18 percent) and iTunes (10 percent).


Fifty-five percent believe that the visibility they have into their company's IT security posture is insufficient. Meanwhile, 55 percent of surveyed companies give employees administrator rights, substantially increasing security risk.


Patch management takes more than eight hours per month for two-thirds of the companies.


“The results of this survey show that the need to establish a patch management policy is recognised by an increasing number of IT departments. Despite this, many companies spend too much time on patch management issues, and manage the rights of their employees in a way that unknowingly promotes risk,” said Andy Baldin, VP EMEA at Shavlik.